Marco Nereo Rotelli / Opere


STEELS Acrylic and enamel on steel 2000 – 2011

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Messages for the humanity

MESSAGES FOR THE HUMANITY Acrylic and enamel on canvas 2007 – 20102 Like a daily diary Rotelli paints small canvases 20 x 20 cm with forgotten languages: the Rapa Nui pictograms, the Bushman graffiti, the symbols of Native American tribes reveal a world of figures and magic discovered by the artist between the shadow zones […]

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Stone words

STONE WORDS Marble 2004 – 2012 Conceived in 2004 they were exhibited at EUR in Rome, in Paris at the Mairie du 5e arrondisement. They come from the big ambient installation La cava dei poeti (a whole quarry engraved with the verses of contemporary poets). In 2011 the stone books becomes an installation with the […]

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Golden doors

GOLDEN DOORS Gold foil and enamal on recuperated doors 2006 – 2010 The golden doors are the central work in Marco Nereo Rotelli’s research, recuperated in abandoned sites they become “concept-space” , metaphors to withhold poetry. On each door alphabets of the world and verses of contemporary poets are painted. Treated with gold leaf they […]

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  • Marco Nereo Rotelli
    Via Stendhal, 36
    20144 Milano
    Tel. +39 02 42297065

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