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Sanremo, Grosseto, Taipei & USA

Premio Tenco 2019, Sanremo
MA ABBIAMO BISOGNO DI LIBERTÀ – Live performance and light installation
FORTE SANTA TECLA – Opening with live performance: 16 October, 9.00pm
The light installation is on display until 19 October

FORTE SANTA TECLA – 17 – 18 – 19 October, 11.00am to 8.00pm
TELE BLU – Exhibition
CASINÒ DI SANREMO – Opening 15 October, 5.00pm

Premio Tenco 2019 will host “Ma non c’era che il vento”, an exhibition by Marco Nereo ROTELLI designed and created specifically for the 43rd edition of the Rassegna della Canzone d’Autore 17-18-19 October held at the Forte di Santa Tecla in Sanremo and curated by Lorena Viale and Micaela Mancini.

Rotelli’s project is based on the idea of freedom, and consists of an exhibition of original works dedicated to words and music (from Luigi Tenco to Gianni Siviero) and of a light installation outside the fort, with the participation of Morgan, who will pay homage to Fernanda Pivano. A series of blue canvases, that Nanda Pivano loved so much, will also be on display at Sanremo Casino starting from 15 October.

Rotelli dedicates and summarises his participation with this sentence:
“To my friend, Pepi Morgia”

Art Taipei 2019 – 18-21 October 2019
Gallery Sun presents

The prestigious Gallery Sun in Taipei presents Marco Nereo Rotelli at Art Taipei with a series of paintings made in Venice at night in the dark: a sensory experiment based on the perception of space and light.

Settimana della Bellezza – Cathedral of Grosseto – 23 October – 9.0pm
On the evening of 23 October, the cathedral of Grosseto will host a reading, Passione di Cristo, a poem by Mario Luzi, curated by Paolo Andrea Mettel, with the participation of Pino Tufillaro, while artist Marco Nereo Rotelli will create, inside the cathedral, a light installation that will offer the audience moments of pure emotional intensity. The work will also be extended to the outside, with the projection of the poem “Bellezza” by Luzi, which will turn Piazza Duomo into a page of bright poetry.

Chapman University’s John Fowles Center for Creative Writing, Orange (CA, USA) – 28 October 2019

Chapman University’s John Fowles Center for Creative Writing will open its author series for the 2019-20 season, this fall, with special lectures by Italian authors Marco Nereo Rotelli and Alessandro Baricco. Invited by Mark Axelrod, Rotelli will work with the students on a handwriting performance, his main stylistic feature. The University will also host the exhibition “Punteggiatura” and a journey through the light installations created in the capitals of the world.

Free classes are open to the public at Beckman Hall, room 404

Marco Nereo Rotelli

Marco Nereo Rotelli
Via Quintiliano, 24
20138 Milan ITALY


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