Genoa wants to amaze you and dispel myths, that’s why it chose the master of light, Marco Nereo Rotelli, who returns to Genoa with two innovative musical artists, DJ-producer Alessio Bertallot, and the young guitarist and tenor, Federico Paciotti


Piazza De Ferrari will be enveloped in a blue light with the dancing words by major poets from Genoa: Sanguineti, Montale, Caproni. The buildings overlooking the central square in the city, “the beating heart of Genoa” will turn, on New Year’s Eve, into pages of history, reminding everyone of the beauty and poetry that characterise it.


Another protagonist of the evening will be DJ Alessio Bertallot, who will celebrate this event with an incredible party on the square… voices, crowds and thoughts, for a unique “Ambient DJ set”, a real sound experiment premiere. Like a sea from which the voices of poets from Genoa and the protagonists of its culture will emerge; the irony and sarcasm of its comedians, and, above all the songs of its great musicians and songwriters, to “see and feel Genoa through the sea”. Rotelli will work simultaneously, creating light effects throughout the square showing its secrets and beauty through new colours: you will travel in the light will listening to some incredibly good music.


Just before midnight, the rock guitarist and lyric singer Federico Paciotti will dominate the stage with some rock covers of classical music, while the buildings will turn into light silos with a progressive flow of images of fish and hippogriffs, as well as images from Genoa film history, and words and verses dedicated to the city.


The event is organised by Regione Liguria Region and Comune di Genova.

Special thanks to: MSC Crociere – main sponsor of the event and Intesa Sanpaolo, sponsor.

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    Marco Nereo Rotelli
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