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Fuorisalone Design Week 2019 and more (Genova and Ortigia)


The Golden Men (Uomini d’oro ) with inlaid words that Marco Nereo Rotelli created in Kenya with the Masai will be exhibited in the former Convent of San Francesco in Ortigia (Siracusa) as part of “Ciclopica”. The exhibition, organised by Diffusione Italia, features some of the most significant contemporary artists of the last century.

The Uomini d’oro with inlaid words tell the story of a journey: just as many European artists were inspired by African forms, so Rotelli worked directly with the Masai inviting them to reinterpret the postures of the statues of ancient Rome.

Former Convent of San Francesco, Via Tommaso Gargallo, 4-61, Ortigia (Siracusa) – 27 March – 30 October 2019 – siciliamusei.it/ciclopica



L’albero delle parole (The Word Tree)

Marco Nereo Rotelli returns to Genoa after the spectacular installation designed for New Year’s Eve at Piazza De Ferrari. Invited by Comieco to create a work for the Recycling Month, on 30th March at 6 pm he will show his Word Tree at Palazzo Ducale. A group project which involves students from the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genoa (Serena Giusti, Elio Ciranni, Sara Soliani, Leonardo Massa, Aurora Brengio, Jaime Gonzales, Sue Vexina, Ilaria Lorenzelli, Maddalena Valente, Kirina Jimenez, Francesca Passetti, Rodolfo Marin), who attend the painting course held by Professor Pietro Millefiore, assisted by Art Commission Events by Virginia Monteverde.

Citizens are invited to bring old newspapers, on 30th March, to Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. They will be welcomed by artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, director Maurizio Gregorini and the students accompanied by the music selected by Alessio Bertallot and dedicated to the words from Genoa singer-songwriters. Old newspapers will be used for creations and collages that will be placed on a wooden silhouette from which words will emerge: the paper, born and produced by trees, is reinterpreted as an art form and also as an artistic invitation to responsibility. This event will also be a sign of respect and the celebration of a rebirth after the dramatic events that happened in Genoa.

Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 9, Genoa – 30 March 2019 – 6.00 pm



Fuorisalone – 2019 Milan Design Week – De/signare

On the evening of 11th April, Marco Nereo Rotelli will create a light installation with readings by Paola Albini at Villa Reale, home of the Galleria D’Arte Moderna in Milan. The work, promoted and supported by ERCO, will turn Villa Reale into a huge luminous picture, using the light and words by Paola Albini to tell the secrets in and of painting.

Galleria D’Arte Moderna, Via Palestro 16, Milan – 11 April 2019 – 8:30 pm



Fuorisalone – 2019 Milan Design Week – Design nelle parole: carta, luce e musica (Design in words: paper, light and music)

On 13th April, Rotelli will be the protagonist of an event based on a great and new conception of art, music, poetry at La Fabbrica del Vapore: Design nelle parole: carta, luce e musica is an installation with the participation of Loretto Rafanelli, and with voice and music playlists by Alessio Bertallot, dedicated to the words of design, but also, and above all, to the design that forms each word.

With his unique style, Marco Nereo Rotelli will turn the Fabbrica into a huge page of poetry dedicated to the thoughts by great architects, where words, as summarised by Gillo Dorfles on the artist’s work, “surprise the audience … offer different perceptions”.

Words by designers will cover all the facades and the court in La Fabbrica del Vapore on a party night, while their voices will resonate in space.

Poets, writers and visitors who, together, will write a thought about Milan on long rolls of paper, will be the protagonists of the evening. Design, dialogue and intertwining languages: sharing writing in the flow of thoughts.

At the same time, Marco Nereo Rotelli will create, on the overhead projector, a huge immersive installation with Alessio Bertallot and his minimal and fluent DJ set, characterised by rhythms and timbres “augmented” by voices and ideas by designers, architects and art protagonists. A flow where the musical structures become soundscapes and the words of design become music.

The light installation is implemented thanks to Blu & Blu Network and the technical support of Goboservice (the leading Italian company in the design and innovation of architectural projectors) and Onelectric.

The group performance on large paper rolls is supported by Burgo Group and Comieco.

La Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4, Milan – 13 April – 9:00 pm


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